Biobé dreams crib Fire model

Biobé dreams crib Fire model

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Organic crib Biobé Dreams model Fire.

As the warmth of a mother

The sun gives us heat and allows all people to grow up. Shining in all its glory we are happy, there on the hill next, vital and warm. We visit every day. FIRE is a tribute to the warmth of a mother and our first childhood memories. The illustration is the work of Conrad Roset

Quieter with mom

Biobé Dreams is a crib co-sleeping, the baby sleeps with you, feel your closeness, sleep better and sleep much more tranquilo.Puedes also assist you without having to get up, to nurse or comfort him if it is revealed just days ago.

Our children deserve a better world to grow

The crib Biobés Dreams is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly and 100% reciclable.Además his life as a product is much longer. This serves as a bassinet, first crib, co-sleeping crib, crib in your room, to finally become a nice sofa, desk or table games .




Tell a story, but that is not a Chinese story
A domestic product made ​​in Europe, with all quality standards we represent. Giving work to people here, respecting human rights and children.

And if you want, take it on vacation!
You can assemble and disassemble in only 5 minutes without a single tool, folding takes up very little space and is both strong and lightweight .

Certified Product
BIOBE complies with European safety EN1130-1
BIOBE complies with U.S. safety 16CFR1303/CPSIA Title 1 section 101.


The price also includes:

1 x Organic Cotton Mattress Biobés
The organic cotton mattress helps you sleep better baby, he sleeps a lot more relaxed and comfortable. Is of better quality, the density of its fibers make it extremely soft to the touch and very durable.

1 x Organic Cotton Blanket Biobés

The cotton flower blanket is soft and Dreams Biobés heat, it retains the baby's temperature naturally and healthy.

1 x Game Biobés Organic Cotton Sheets

The sheet of Dreams Biobés cotton flower is soft and light, this will help you sleep better. Dreams Bioban The sheet is ideal for babies with breathing difficulties, skin allergies or hypersensitivities.


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